Ren Wicks

Ren Wicks (1911-1997) grew up in his father’s commercial art studio in downtown Los Angeles, where he was taught to draw and paint almost before he could walk.

After attending Otis Art Institute, and while still in high school at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and San Jose State University, Ren began his career in advertising as an agency art director. He worked with the top artists, designers, and film directors in Los Angeles and New York for almost 30 years, creating and directing many memorable and award winning advertising campaigns.

His work included NASA and postage stamps and during World War II he worked for Lockheed, contributing artwork for fighters and bombers that was used both in ad campaigns and in pilot handbooks. His favorite subjects were women and airplanes and he did magazine illustration for Esquire, Redbook, Saturday Evening Post, Coronet, ad work for Kotex, Edwards Coffee, and swimwear companies and movie posters. He did several calendars and portfolios for Casinos in the 1960s.


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