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Vargas, Alberto

Alberto Vargas

Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chávez was a painter and illustrator of pin-up girls and is often considered one of the most famous pin-up artists of all time. Born February 9, 1896, in Peru to photographer Max Vargas and his wife, Margarita, Alberto was inspired early on by the paintings of Jean-Dominique Ingres and by Raphael Kirchner’s watercolor illustrations of women. Vargas apprenticed as a photographer with the Julien Studios in Geneva, and Sarony Court Photographers in London. The start of World War I forced Vargas to leave Europe, and he moved to New York — rather than return home to Peru. He was never formerly trained as a painter, and learned his airbrush techniques when he retouched photos in his father’s studio in Peru. He taught himself how to use pen and ink, watercolors, oils, and pastels.

Vargas was widely known for his use of the airbrush in his paintings. He did an underpainting with a paint brush first and, then, airbrushed color over top in a glazing technique. Even though he worked in watercolor, he was able to achieve this because the sprayed color did not disturb the delicate underpainting, which remained untouched during color application. During his time with Esquire Magazine, he relied upon the airbrush more and more due to the time constraints of his deadlines.

Vargas produced 180 paintings for Esquire Magazine from 1940 to 1946. He hit the high-point in his career when Playboy Magazine began publishing his works in 1959, which he continued to produce until the 1970s, when he went into a self-imposed retirement after the death of his wife/manager/muse Anna Mae. He produced 152 paintings for Playboy during that 16-year stint. 

He came out of partial retirement in 1978, after renewed interest in his works, and he produced a few more paintings — including the album cover the the Cars’ Candy-O album (1979), and Bernadette Peters’ albums in 1980 and 1981. He died of a stroke on December 30, 1982 at the age of 86.


Gallery of Alberto Vargas

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MaCabre, Greta

Greta MaCabre

Greta MaCabre (Ivana Benko/Greta O’Hara) is an internationally-published pin up model/stylist/collaborator/vintage-retro fashionista and part-time makeup and hair artist based in Croatia.

Greta loves antiques, classic cars, rock and roll music, vintage photography, culture and fashion. She based her name, Greta, on her idols from the golden age of Hollywood (Lucille Ball, Marlene Dietrich, Hedi Lamarr, etc.); and her last name, Macabre, from her psychobilly days and her love of classic horror films.

She is interested in new projects that include alternative, fashion modeling, commercial, vintage, avantgarde, haute macabre, latex and pin-up modeling. Most of the time Greta does her make up/hair/style concepts herself.


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Genevieve, Gia

Gia Genevieve

Gia Genevieve is a professional glamour and pinup model from Pasadena, California. She is most recognized for her beautiful red hair (more recently, blonde), fantastic buxom figure, and classic curvy pinup look.

There isn’t a lot of personal information available on Gia, other than her photo credits and measurements (which, by the way, are awe inspiring). However, her curvacious figure and pinup style make her a favorite among pinup photographers and businesses and magazines that cater to the pinup community.

All we can say is that she is absolutely smokin’!!!


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Gallery of Gia Genevieve

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