Ebony Inferno

Ebony Inferno is a beautiful, curvy pinup model from Philadelphia, PA. She has been working with other beautiful women who have become successful pinup models without conforming to the stereotypical body types. She has many credits to her career, including being 1st Runner Up in the Miss Pin-Up competition in Philadelphia in 2015; she was Miss July in the 2015 Atomic Bombshells Calendar; and has been featured in many pinup magazines, including Atomic Bombshells, Kat Club, Perfectly Pinup, and Delicious Dolls.

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Captain Tramp on January 4, 2018 10:22 pm

I’ve been following Ebony for a few years. She has always been a perfect pin up. I love her work with Vic Devilbliss among others. Always a beautiful subject, always exhibiting an embodiment of her own. She brings her own style to the table and is one of the best pin ups I’ve ever seen. Maybe someday she’ll read this and remember me too.

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