Pearl Frush

Pearl Frush was one of the top female pinup artists in her time, along with the likes of Joyce Ballantyne and Zoe Mozert. Despite that, her name recognition and her work have been greatly overshadowed by her male counterparts.

Pearl was born in Illinois in 1905 and was married to Charles Warde Brudon. She worked as an artist in Chicago at the height of her career during the 1940s and1950s. Pearl worked primarily in watercolor and airbrush on a smaller 14″x19″ medium. Despite that, she was able to capture a realism and individuality in her subjects that were very rarely apparent in the works of the male artists of that time. By the mid-1950s, she was able to create paintings that were nearly photo-realistic.

Pearl brought a freshness to the pinup genre that, I think, is greatly underrated. Her technique was nearly flawless and she presented her subjects in a straightforward manner and, certainly, wasn’t afraid to tease the viewer on occasion.


Gallery of Pearl Frush

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