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Ličina, Stela

Stela Ličina

Stela Ličina is a model, make-up artist, and hair stylist from Vancouver. She is also a very close friend to model Elly Mayday. There is very little available about her personal and professional life, so we will simply have to content ourselves with enjoying the images of this curvy beauty.

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Gallery of Stela Ličina

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Peterson, Savanna May

Savanna May Peterson (Petersun)

Savanna May Peterson is a Utah-based model and author. There isn’t very much personal information about her available, other than when she was a teenager, she co-authored a book “Drugs Make You Un-Smarter” with her grandmother.

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Gallery of Savanna May Peterson

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MaCabre, Greta

Greta MaCabre

Greta MaCabre (Ivana Benko/Greta O’Hara) is an internationally-published pin up model/stylist/collaborator/vintage-retro fashionista and part-time makeup and hair artist based in Croatia.

Greta loves antiques, classic cars, rock and roll music, vintage photography, culture and fashion. She based her name, Greta, on her idols from the golden age of Hollywood (Lucille Ball, Marlene Dietrich, Hedi Lamarr, etc.); and her last name, Macabre, from her psychobilly days and her love of classic horror films.

She is interested in new projects that include alternative, fashion modeling, commercial, vintage, avantgarde, haute macabre, latex and pin-up modeling. Most of the time Greta does her make up/hair/style concepts herself.


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Gallery of Greta Macabre

Fairlane, Julie


Julie Fairlane is a fairly popular automotive pin-up. There isn’t any personal information about her that we could find, but we’ll add it when we do.

In the meantime, enjoy her gallery.

Gallery of Julie Fairlane

Kerosene Deluxe


Vancouver plus-size model, Kerosene Deluxe was born in 1986 in Amsterdam, Holland. This 5’3″ curvaceous beauty is a perfect blend of Dutch and Thai heritage. Her measurements are 36GG/H – 33 – 42.

Kerosene promotes beauty through diversity. She urges all people to love themselves for who they are, and not to be imprisoned by other people’s ideas of beauty. She is also a body-positive and anti-bullying activist.

She is greatly inspired by her love for Vaudeville, Film Noir, and Horror genrés, and she brings that out in her modeling.


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Gallery of Kerosene Deluxe

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Collett, Lucy

Lucy Collett (Lucy Vixen)

Curvy British pin-up and glamour model, Lucy Collett (also known as Lucy Vixen) is one buxom beauty with a gorgeous full figure!

She goes by the professional name “Lucy Vixen” because, as she states, she’s “like a wild female fox; orange and I make loud noises”.  She has modeled as a Page 3 Girl for “The Sun”, and has also appeared in magazines such as Nuts, Front, Loaded, and FHM.

Lucy was born on March 3, 1989 in Warwick, England. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall, and measures in at an impressive 34HH-28-38!

Though, not an American, she is still has a fantastic figure and is well worthy of being listed here.

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Gallery of Lucy Collett

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Wyles, Veronica Mae

Veronica Mae Wyles

Veronica Mae Wyles is a tomboy turned pin-up model from Wantagh, New York, who is into positive thoughts, pretty dresses, fun photos and red lipstick.


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Gallery of Veronica Mae Wyles

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Lamour, Dolly

Dolly Lamour

Dolly Lamour is an Italian model, makeup artist, and burlesque performer. Her career began at age eleven as a musician, but eventually broke into the burlesque scene in 2008 when she joined forces with the prestigious Voodoo De Luxe burlesque agency in Italy.

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Gallery of Dolly Lamour

Muerte, Morticia

Morticia Muerta

Morticia Muerta, whose real name is Ariel Rodriguez, is a full-time funeral assistant who models for fun. She is also a licensed cosmetologist and does makeup and hair, as well.


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Gallery of Morticia Muerte

Swolfs, Dragana Subotic (Ma Chérie D)

Dragana Subotic Swolfs

Dragana Subotic Swolfs is a pin-up and vintage model who is from Bosnia, but is living in Antwerp, Belgium. Dragana also is known by her model name Ma Chérie D. She is a lover of vintage lifestyles and fashions of the 20s through the 60s.


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Gallery of Dragana Subotic Swolfs

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